What’s Your Home Selling Goal?

Our goal is to sell your home for maximum value in the least amount of time, and without the normal hassles. These are the steps we take to achieve our goal.

To Accomplish this We Start With:

Evaluate your Goals and Expectations.

We will analyze your needs and prioritize them as well as your expectation and your goals.

Review Current Market Conditions.

Interest rates, consumer confidence, neighborhood trends and overall economy affect real estate sales and lead to a “seller’s”, “buyers” or “balanced” market. I am going to share with you briefly what’s going on in your market place. Knowing which situation you’re dealing with will help you understand where the value of your property is heading and how to adjust accordingly.

Determine the Value of Your Home and Set the Right Price

We will prepare a comprehensive study of pricing and specifications similar homes in your area. Based on this results and current market trends, we will determine the optimal asking price for your home.

Calculate your Bottom Line

We will do what’s called an expense or net sheet so you’ll see what you will walk away with at the closing table

Prepare your Home for Sale.

You want to show prospective buyers its possibilities and make them imagine themselves as the new owners. Never underestimate the power of staging. We have the experience and resources to make your home look its best in both showings and marketing photographs, which will allow you to receive higher offers.

Advertising and Marketing.

Our Marketing Plan is more than just marketing. It is a complete real estate system that has been designed for one purpose…getting your home sold! Our pro-active plan all starts with a conversation about you and your real estate goals. We then review all aspects of the market to help you determine how to prepare, price and position your home to attract the most qualified buyers. Next we maximize your exposure to drive up demand and use our advanced negotiation skills to get the most money for your home. Our team is here for you to manage the entire process from planning, to contract, to closing, so all you have to worry about is packing.

Negotiating Offers and Reviewing Contracts.

This is where all of our Marketing efforts pay off and the second part of our job begins. When we start receiving offers we qualify the buyers to make sure they can afford the home. We help you negotiate the best price and the best terms, and then proceed with appraisals, inspections, contingencies, disclosures and other matters that can affect the sell of your home.

Getting you to the Closing Table and get you paid.

Time to celebrate!

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Benefits of Working With Us

Custom Marketing Plan

Together we’ll develop a customized marketing plan based on your goal that will accommodate the unique nature of your property.

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Flexible Commission Schedule

The commission varies depending on when the house is sold, who sells the house and whether or not you are purchasing another home.

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Easy Exit Listing

If at any given time you are not 100% satisfied with our services, if everything is not done exactly the way we promise, you can FIRE US!

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