Why Pay for Something You May Not Get?

Did you know that most brokers will charge you the same commission, no mater how your home sells-even if you find the buyer? With our system, you have complete flexibility.


You find the buyer. Pana Real Estate Team writes the contract and walks it through closing for you. No other agent is involved. Limited Service NO MLS


We find the buyer, write the contract and take care of the closing process. There is no other broker involved. Full Service, Full MLS.


Your property sells trough the MLS and the commission is shared equally with the other broker. Full Service, Full MLS.

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Benefits of Working With Us

Steps to Selling Your Home

Our goal is to sell your home for maximum value in the least amount of time, and without the normal hassles.

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Custom Marketing Plan

Together we’ll develop a customized marketing plan based on your goal that will accommodate the unique nature of your property.

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Easy Exit Listing

If at any given time you are not 100% satisfied with our services, if everything is not done exactly the way we promise, you can FIRE US!

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The Ultimate Home Selling Guide

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Homesellers Make in FL…

  • Find Out what’s happening in the housing market
  • See the current the housing market forecast
  • Learn what to expect when selling you house
  • 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t ‘For Sale By Owner’
  • How To Get The Most Money From The Sale Of Your Home

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