We get our dream house, so THANK YOU …LIVIU, for your professionalism, and …” extra miles” you did for us. Everything went smooth, and no hassle.

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Valentin Constantin

Camelia was very detailed oriented and sure we had everything covered. She did a great job making sure all of our requirements were met.

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J. Maloney

Very pleased with Camelia’s real estate market knowledge , very professional . Her overall performance has been outstanding , excellent communication skills. Highly recommend.

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Camelia was very attentive, extremely knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who appreciates someone “going the extra mile”. She helped us sell a property and buy a new one and made the whole process go as smoothly as possible.

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Catherine Fay

We found Pana Real Estate Team when we searched online for a Romanian Realtor in Florida. They were very responsive and helpful. We were looking to buy an investment property and they were very helpful, profesional and insightful. Highly recommend Liviu and Camelia Pana.


Bogi Ivan

I love this team…excellent cutomer service. i told camela what i was looking for and the same day she emailed me several properties. They made my process as easy and simple as possible, if i didnt understand something she would walk me through it all. Right now i am a proud home owner because of Pana Realty Team they made my dream come true, and for that i am thankful.

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Cindy Saldana

The best and the most professional realtor I have ever work with, always on time and always proactive and ready to provide with the most accurate and honest information. She had the latest information and she will make sure you get your dream house with the best deal that is right for you. Strongly recommend Camelia as a top realtor.

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Cristina Maria

Selling our home was a long and stressful process before we decided to hire Camelia and Liviu as our realtors, they are totally thorough, very honest, and very much on top of the game. They responded our phone calls and emails immediately. They are so dedicated and passionate about the work that they do. All the showings in our house they were present to answer questions to potential customers. They went above and beyond to help us find a new place in a short period of time.Thank you Camelia and Liviu for all the hard work. We highly recommend them.

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Alexandra Jaoud

My real estate agent come earlier was the most professional person I’ve ever met. She took her patience with me and gave me great advice on any questions that I have for her. She’s definitely the best real estate agent out there.

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Albert Florin Maria

Camelia was great to work with. Very personal and professional. I was very happy with the help Camelia provided in selling my condo. Hopefully I will need her service in the near future.

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Erjon Zverku

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