What do you see when you visualize your dream home?

We’ll ask you this, as it’s important that we see the same dream. We realize that the very best way to assist you in locating the right home is to put ourselves into your shoes. We are here to serve you and create more than satisfied buyer clients.

To Accomplish this We Start With:

In Person Consultation

We’ll sit down get to know each other and talk through the process of buying a home with us. Review your goals, your dreams, your aspirations and what is important to you.


This second step is very important in the buying process We will connect you with a local lender so you can get pre-approved before we begin house hunting. A pre-approval will tell you how much home you can afford; it can help you move faster and with greater confidence in competitive markets.

Review Listings

We’ll set you up with an account to the MLS ( Multiple Listing Service ) we Realtors use to search for homes. Not only you will have-complete access to the local MLS, but you also get a complete list of houses that fit your criteria which includes all listings in the area plus, foreclosed homes, REO’s, Bank Owned Properties, HUD Properties, Coming Soon Listings and updated fresh listings up to the hour. Based on your requirements we’ll set up alerts, so you can be notified instantaneously when a listing comes to market, when there is a price drop on a listing in your search criteria or any other changes and updates.

Ready, Set…Go and See Houses!

​Based on your availability we’ll schedule appointments to go preview the houses you choose based on available inventory. We will show you every property you would like to see.

We Found Your Perfect Home! Next Steps:

Time to Write an Offer.

Once you find a property you like we will run a Comparative Market Analysis taking in consideration the market condition and recent homes sold that will help you make your offer based on facts and real numbers. You will save time and money with all the information that we can provide you for each property. As soon as the offer is ready, we can expect one of 3 things to happen:  The offer is accepted, the offer is rejected, or we’ll get a counteroffer. We will consult with you through each of the possibilities carefully and how to handle a proper response back to the sellers. Once the offer is accepted and all your finances are in order, we’ll then move forward to the next step!

Offer Accepted! Time to do the Inspection

Now is time for the home inspection. This is another important step that should not be waived. The inspector’s job is to protect your investment and find issues with the home, including but not limited to: the roof, plumbing, electrical components, appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, windows, foundation, roofing, termites or other wood destroying organisms, and much more. We will provide you a list of Inspectors if you need one and we’ll be there at the inspection with you. You will receive an easy-to-read report with all the facts pertinent to your house, including images, summaries and new homeowner maintenance suggestions to follow. After Inspection the bank will order an appraisal. The appraisal is performed to validate the value of the property. This will protect you from overpaying for your new home.

Sign the Closing Documents and Get Your Keys!

Time to celebrate and make your new house your new home. There is something unexplainable when you buy a home. It is something very special and extremely profound, when knowing that you are a homeowner.

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