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Let Team Pana Help You Find Your Dream Home!

Let Team Pana Help You Find Your Dream Home!

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! Who you work with matters.

When buying or selling a home, you can hire countless agents to assist you through this process. So why choose us?
Our team of dedicated agents wants to work with you, whether you are a buyer or seller in the market. We put our clients first. We understand that making the decision to buy a home and live in a location (for years to come) isn’t always easy.

On the flip side, we also understand that parting ways from a home you lived in for years, can be a tough time for families as well. We have agents who can work with you on either side, and who will work meticulously, to make sure the transition (as a buyer or seller) is as easy on you (and the family) as it can possibly be.


We found Pana Real Estate Team when we searched online for a Romanian Realtor in Florida. They were very responsive and helpfu. We were looking to buy an investment property and they were very helpful, professional and insight. Highly recommend Liviu and Camelia Pana.
Bogi Ivan